Domoto DesTi (D.T.) (atrandum) wrote in love_gackt,
Domoto DesTi (D.T.)

Hiya ^O^ Newbie here ^O^ I'm Destination Truth, or D.T. for short ^_^ I translate JRock & JPop interviews and post them on my LJ ^O^ I just translated a Gackt interview as a (late) Valentine treat! ^O^ Gackt basically just talk about is opinions on love, women, sex, money, etc. ^O^ It's a really interesting interview in which, I've never seen the interviewer talk so little XD Gackt's answers in paragraphs ^O^" Well, check it out if you're interested! It's already on my journal! Happy (late) Valentine's! ^O^ Nice to meet you! ^O^
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