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[Requests] Gackt Concert's

Help needed from everyone, some friend's and I from are working on a new Fanvideo we are putting together as a Broth day gift for Gackt's Fan DVD...
If any of you go to youtube.com then maybe you've seen the first two we made...
if not here are the link's Gackt Live Performance Fan Mix [part One] and Gackt Live Performance Fan-mix part two [TIMELINE]
so we are asking for help for the last one..
Gackt Concert's we have 1. Malice Mizer Merveilles l'espace, 2. Shock Wave 1999, 3. Starlight Gig 2000, 4. Requiem et Reminiscence and 5. Diabolos 2005...
and some clip's from his concert's only...
So is there anyone out there can help? Any of Gackt-san Concert would be a grate help..
But only one thing we ask,
that if you do help can we put your name or username on the FV when we've done before sending it off that's all we ask.....

Thank you

btw, If anyone want's the Concert I have already please let me know and I'll upload it..
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